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Please consider a monthly donation to the EMDR Research Foundation as a Visionary Alliance Contributor. Your donations will allow the Foundation to promote health and growth of human beings through the support of quality research, evidence-based practice, and compassionate, well-informed clinicians.

Additionally, your donations will provide a predictable, continuous stream of income that will give the Foundation leverage when pursuing funding from larger organizations, granting agencies and foundations. It also allows us to predict the amount we can distribute to support research proposals.

Ways to Give

  • Join the Visionary Alliance — Recurring donations can be made in the amount of $15 or more and scheduled for your convenience.

  • (If you would prefer to give a one-time donation, please click here.)

  • By Mail — Complete the Printable Donation Form and mail it to: 
    EMDR Research Foundation
    207 E. Ohio Street #430
    Chicago, IL 60611

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